Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day 7: Write 31 days

"What's your phone number?" the return email asked. I had sent an inquiry in to Holy Yoga about their instructor training program, though I had no real intention to ever take the training. How could a gym class failure be a yoga instructor? Before I knew it, I was speaking to Brooke Boon, the founder of Holy Yoga. I had read her book a couple years earlier and always secretly dreamed about studying with her. She listened to me explain why I couldn't do this training for all kinds of reasons and then said to me basically something like this: "Ok, you're starting training in January. We aren't going to stand in the way of what God's doing. Ok? Bye. See you in January." I hung up the phone, not sure of what had just happened, but sure my life had just changed. That was six years ago. I did become a Holy Yoga teacher and love my career path so very much. I'm grateful for Brooke's bold proclamation that I was moving forward. Without it, I can't say I for sure would have ever had the courage. God knows what we need and He sent it to me through Holy Yoga. #write31days #31daysofinfluence #holyyoga 

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