Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Day 6: Write 31 days

When I met that boy at a work conference in Virginia, he told me he lived in Charlotte, North Carolina. I had heard of the Charlotte Hornets, but probably couldn't have identified North Carolina on a map to save my life. A few months later, he invited me to come visit. It was instant love. I fell hard for the Queen City's cherry blossoms, her Carolina blue sky, the modest yet artistic skyline. I hardly believed such a beautiful place existed. I went home to Colorado and made plans to move. A year later, that boy had broken my heart a handful of times and we were well on our way to being over. But my love affair with this city is 19 years and going strong. I've come to appreciate that boy, our mis-matched romance, and the gift he gave me of introducing me to this exquisite place that will forever be home. 

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