Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day 3: Write 31 days

The kitchen in her house always smelled like something delicious whenever we arrived, which was usually a holiday. She wasn't a cookie-baking grandma, but she was a pie-making, real mashed potatoes with butter, grade A hamburgers with American cheese kind of grandma. Any holiday table was full of food – crudités, side dishes, carefully prepared meat, and  pie, always pie, always à la mode or with Cool Whip. Grandma had the magic touch of getting all the food out just right – the hot things hot, the cold things cold. Wondrously, her sink was never full of dishes despite the spread on her table. The skill of getting a variety of food out just right isn't a trait I inherited from her. But what I have learned is that how you make the food can influence how you make your people feel. I often tell my kids that my cooking has an extra ingredient. It's what I learned from grandma...LOVE.

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