Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Day 14: Write 31 Days

It was 2013 and I had been through the relational wringer. I was in the spiritual desert, as they say, and I kept asking God to help me find my tribe. I wanted to connect with meaningful relationships and big ideas and God's truths that made a difference in the world. And in the middle of that emotional wasteland, I found She Loves Magazine. This online magazine was a haven for me. Almost daily there was a blog post written by a woman who loved God, loved the world, wrestled with the hard things and found something to hope in. Through She Loves, I've found new writers to love, new books to read, new challenges to write about myself, new ideas to consider, new prayers to pray. I've encountered women who are brave, daring, risky, vulnerable, but mostly, women who love. While I've not met any of these women in real life, and we've only ever communicated via Twitter, I know that, in part, God answered my prayer for tribe through this online community, so full of heart. #31daysofinfluence #write31days #shelovesmagazine

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