Sunday, October 11, 2015

Day 11: Write 31 Days

Ms. V'ay is my favorite cashier at Target. Until I met Ms. V'ay, I didn't know it was really possible to have a favorite Target cashier. Checking out at Target is a neutral, anonymous experience, isn't it? Someone in a red shirt puts my things into my bags, I swipe my card and am on my way. But Ms. V'ay is different. She asked me how I was doing. She told me about how she was bagging my things so they'd be just right. She shared with me that it was the end of a long shift, but she was still happy to be working. Ms. V'ay saw me...and invited me to see her. I watch how she is with other customers. She sees them, too. She takes pride in what she does, how she does it. Ms. V'ay's line isn't always the fastest. Even though she does work quickly, sometimes it takes a little longer because she stops to notice something or to do a thing right. Despite this, I always head to Ms. V'ay's line, even if I have to wait a while. It's because for a few minutes I feel invited to partake in being human with Ms. V'ay. #31daysofinfluence #write31days

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