Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Recipe: Black Bean Chilaquile

I collect cookbooks. 

I'm not actually a cookbook collector, but I have a lot of cookbooks, especially vegetarian cookbooks. I love to sit and read cookbooks, usually while I'm eating. While I read, I take strips of post-it notes and mark all the recipes I want to try someday. (The irony of this is that about 95% of the cooking that I do is off of, which is an awesome website, of you haven't discovered it yet and I generally never get around to actually trying the majority of the recipes I tag in my actual cookbooks).

Cookbooks from the Moosewood Collection are my favorites to read. Their pages have decorative layouts and the books are written in a comfy, familiar tone. The recipes are vegetarian, yummy, and, often, complex. Most of them call for ingredients I don't typically have on hand. So, I enjoy reading them more than I actually cook from them.

A few weeks ago, I pulled out Low-Fat Favorites to make one of the few recipes I actually use from this enormous 450-page baby. On the opposite page, I realized there was a weathered orange post-it note I had placed there at least five years ago. At least. Black Bean Chilaquile. I reviewed the recipe again and decided I really would like to try this one and added the ingredients to my shopping list. 

I was a little nervous when the recipe told me to put crushed tortilla chips on the bottom of the pan, recalling a standoff with my mother in 1982 over a Mexican casserole with soggy chips in it that required me to eat every-last-bite-even-if-it-took-me-all-afternoon! I pushed through the memory of the horrible taste/texture and kept assembling. The recipe was relatively easy to put together and in the oven quickly, a general requirement for my cooking these days.

Within the first few bites, I was in love. LOVE. J also thought this was really, really good. The kids, not so much, even though I tried rationalizing..."You like black beans! You like spinach! You like cheese and salsa! That's what's in here, kids!" as I smiled and raised my eyebrows encouragingly. Three sets of eyebrows scrunched back at me. They do not like all those things together. I shrugged my shoulders and realized that the less they ate, the more there was for me. That's not a bad thing. :)

Lucky for you, has this recipe posted online so you can try it yourself!  Enjoy & remember to thank me later. :)
Yummier than it looks.  Which is almost always true of casseroles. :)