Friday, May 4, 2012

#33 TV Fast for a Week

This week is National Screen Free Week.  Did you know that?  I only found out about it on Monday, but when I heard about it, I decided it was as good a time as any to tackle this goal from the list.

Short detour:  I've been thinking a lot about my list lately and how when I wrote it, I had good intentions.  I spent several years working as a case manager and had to write countless treatment plans that had to have measurable, achievable goals.  And when I wrote my list, I think I kind of wrote myself a treatment many of my items have this quantifiable quality--I know I will have achieved x when I have done it this certain way or this many times.

I'm a yoga teacher now and what yoga has taught me is that it isn't always about being precise and measured.  It's about experiencing the moment, being present to what is, setting your intention and then engaging the process.  What felt right to me about the list at the time I wrote it doesn't feel like it fits me so much any more.  And so I have decided that I'm going to give myself some leniency in how I look at some items in terms of being "accomplished." 

This item is one such item.

I have three little kids, ranging in age from 3 to 7.  They don't watch a TON of TV but there are days when they watch a good little bit of PBS kids.  (I love WordGirl, don't you?)  Earlier this year, I instituted "No TV Tuesday" and "No TV Thursday" in effort to try to curb their habit a bit.  It has worked really well.  When they ask if they can watch TV and I say no, all I have to do is ask them what day it is...and they say, "No TV Tuesday!"

So this week, it was a bit confusing when I told them no TV on Monday and no TV until Friday (here's where part of my being flexible comes in--I decided that withholding TV for a whole school week was plenty--and I decided not to shock their poor little systems too much by also taking away the computer and iPad entirely--but we did limit our screen time).  When explaining this to my three-year-old, he asked me with a super sad face, "Even Daddy watch the NEWS?"--as though a little glimpse of Wolf Blitzer would help ease his pain.  But overall, my kids did great.  It helped that this week was warm and sunny so there was tons of backyard time.  It helped that we had activities and a play date today.  They didn't bat an eye on Tuesday or Thursday because, hey, it was Tuesday and Thursday.

But I know that they are really going to enjoy a couple episodes of Max & Ruby tomorrow morning.  This was a good exercise and one we'll repeat in the future.

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