Sunday, February 5, 2012

One thing a day

As I walk around my house each day, I see several things that are on my list of "I really need to take care of that at some point." I can get pretty overwhelmed when I feel like my to-do lists get to be too long and I often let the cyclical tasks of laundry, dishes, and cleaning supplant the one-off things. A few weeks ago, I decided that while tackling the whole list stressed me out, I could decide to do one thing off the list each day. And once I did my one thing each day, I would allow myself to not feel guilty about not getting all the things done. Guess what? It is working. :) So far, I have paid a few old bills, organized my bathroom cabinet, run to Ikea, started a pile for the preschool yard sale, taken care of the stacks of artwork on my fridge (deciding what to keep and what to "recycle"), and several other little nagging tasks. I'm feeling so much better as I cross one thing at a time off this pesky list and am allowing myself grace as I actually make some progress. Maybe you have one of these annoying lists, too. Try the "one thing a day" strategy & let me know how it goes.

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