Monday, January 9, 2012

Get a Makeup Lesson

I am a crunchy granola girl.  This involves being a vegetarian, wearing a lot of jeans and flip flops, doing a lot of yoga, and generally not wearing much (or, let's be honest, any) makeup.  Part of that last thing is that I'm intimidated by makeup because I just don't know how to do it.  I'm not that interested, so I don't pay much attention to the products or the application methods.  I also hate the feeling of my skin not being able to breathe AND the idea of daily slathering my face with products full of known or suspected carcinogens and/or hormone disruptors is unappealing to me.  (If you don't know what I am talking about, you should click here and run your favorite beauty products through this database).

However, there are occasions when even this hippie-chick would like to do more than a little mascara and Burt's Bees lip gloss.  So, during the creation of my list, I decided that perhaps I should invest in learning how to do my own makeup.  Last summer there was a Groupon for a "glam session" at a local salon.  Perfect.  ;)  It was set to expire this last Saturday, so I promptly made my appointment for Friday morning. 

When I arrived, I was greeted by Stanley, the makeup artist.  I explained to Stanley that his challenge for the day was like one of those TV shows where they taken an old, beater car and turn it into some hot rod racer.  In this example, my face is the old, beater car. :)

Stanley was was hip and cool and used to work in New York so I really half expected to be looked down on, snubbed, and lectured about my lack of interest in my own appearance.  I'm ok with that 'cause it has happened to me before lots of times at the makeup counter or the salon.  However, I got none of that from Stanley.  He spoke to me as though he genuinely understood that I'm a granola girl who just wanted to know how to dial up the volume on special occasions.

As we chatted, I began to realize that this was no chance encounter.  Stanley shared a bit about his vision of his business and his product line--to merge makeup with ministry, a little about his life, and I began to realize this was a God-orchestrated time.  It was confirmed when at the end of the glam session, Stanley handed me his business card.  The tagline said "love yourself. love others. make an iMpact."  Wow.

Stanley did not give me a big sales pitch.  He let me know that I could get his product line ( either online or at the salon, and left it at that.  But what I'll bet Stanley knew is, that because I felt honestly cared about and cared for AND I left feeling so pretty, I DO want to pick up some of his products!  And I want you all to go see Stanley, too.

I never would have suspected that God would use makeup to minister His love to people.  But that was before I met Stanley.  Thanks, Stanley, for your expertise, time, and attention.  I'm grateful for the makeup lesson and more.

Before & After pics...
(before. clearly before.)
Stanley & me


  1. Beautiful! (And I mean you, although Stanley looks lovely too)

  2. What a beautiful encounter and your face is beautiful before and after of course, thank you for sharing. I love that--"make an iMpact!" So good.