Monday, January 23, 2012

#39 Revised

On my list, #39 reads, "Take a girls' weekend with JT."

That was a really great idea.  JT & I would have on a girls' weekend.  And when we made our lists two years ago, it seemed like it might even be possible.  And then we both got unexpectedly pregnant again.  Then Matthew died and I went into mental torpor for about a year and Emmaline was born--healthy and wonderful--and now JT has 4 little girls under the age of 7 and is nursing and homeschooling and writing a fabulous blog over at Simplify Your Life and the reality is: we cannot go for a girls' weekend, as lovely an idea as it is.  That is, at least for now.  Someday, hopefully.

We can, however, go for pedicures and lattes on a Sunday afternoon.  And so, that is what we did yesterday afternoon.

I arranged a surprise kidnap plan with her husband and arrived with JT's favorite coffee.  I whisked her off for spa pedicures and a 2-hour respite.  It was wonderful.

JT's most recent post on Simplify Your Life was about adjusting your expectations.  She's absolutely right.  And I'm grateful that she gives me grace to take a weekend and condense it to an afternoon and still tell me she had a fabulous time.  That's the kind of lovely person JT is.

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  1. Am now wondering if we could find a place close to the beach where we could get pedicures? Or maybe we should just take a ladies lunch at Archibald's one day?