Wednesday, January 25, 2012

#26 Do a Devotional Book

One of my best friends in the world, RG, lives 3 hours away from me.  We met in Arizona while at Holy Yoga training and were delighted to learn that we were both East Coast gals.  Living three hours apart has allowed us to see each other a few times a year, which is great.  But we talk on the phone almost every day, so much so that I sometimes don't realize that we haven't actually seen each other face to face for months. :)

Part of what makes our friendship so special is that we share similar passions of yoga and faith.  We are able to challenge each other in our thinking on both subjects and sharpen one another (Prov. 27:17) while still encouraging each other.  It is a really beautiful thing.

This fall, we decided we wanted to be deliberate about studying scripture together.  Rather randomly (so we thought), we picked up Beth Moore's Esther study.  Now, I must confess...I pre-judged Beth Moore.  For some reason I had her pegged as a light & fluffy, cotton-candy Bible writer.  In the Christian bubble I so dislike.  Boy, was I ever wrong.  Mrs. Moore, if you ever find yourself here at Telling A Good Story for some unknown reason, I ask your forgiveness. :)

We spent the last nine weeks or so digging into the amazing stuff packed into this study.  There are 5 days of homework each week and then RG and I would have a phone discussion about what God showed us.  It has been, in a word, enlightening.  I've learned so much about God, myself, and my sweet, long-distance friend.

When I put this on my list so long ago, I didn't even know RG.  And yet God knew what He had in store for us.  I'm so grateful to Him, Beth Moore, and Verizon Wireless' unlimited minutes.  Completing this list item is a joy.  But, it is also just a beginning.  RG and I are starting Beth Moore's Daniel study next. :)


  1. OK, so I have the same preconceived notion of Beth Moore... maybe I'll give her a go!

  2. I love when this I am going along in life, knowing who Esther is, not really thinking too much about her when a) our pastor has a great sermon on her, b) Rebecca and I have a discussion on her and c) you blog about her. BTW - I felt the same way about Beth Moore (you always say what I am thinking when I am around you), and have come around too. Glad you are enjoying it and YES...there are lots of us still reading and enjoying this blog (you posted a while back you weren't sure who read it.) See you soon!?!