Friday, December 9, 2011

New Recipe: Cream of Broccoli Soup

My baby boy (the baby boy who is almost three...I'm in denial) is a fruititarian.  Meaning that he eats almost nothing but fruit.  Fruit and chocolate.  So I at least know he's half mine, given my issues with fruit.  He has almost no interest in any vegetables and has a special disdain for broccoli.  I get it--when I was a kid, broccoli creeped me out.  But now, its my all time favorite veggie.  We gotta find some common ground somewhere here, kid.

Baby boy is obsessed with the color green.  I decided to try to to trick him.  In the morning I began the hype..."I'm making you GREEN SOUP for supper!!"  "Green SOUP," he replied!  I found this recipe for Cream of Broccoli Soup.  I changed it to make it vegetarian and gluten-free by using vegetable broth and by adding 1 T. cornstarch to the milk as a thickener rather than doing the butter/flour roux.  I took the advice of some other reviewers and chopped the broccoli before steaming it.

Well, my plan went south in a hurry when the boy walks into the kitchen and sees the bowl of *minced* broccoli (I cut it up t-i-n-y) and declared, "That BROCCOLI in that bowl!!"  "Hmmmm...," I replied.

So, the results were that everyone else in the family thought the green soup was awesome and the baby ate about 20 bites against his will, so overall, it was a win. It was pretty easy to make, yummy, and healthy-ish.  I'm keeping this recipe.

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