Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blog Makeover!

My blog got a makeover!  This new layout is compliments of my sweet friend Audrey over at Courage&Curls.  She and I share the unfortunate experience of being mamas to babies who no longer live in this world and we met in the wake of her losing her second baby.  While I hate the reason life wove our stories together, I'm so glad we have found each other.

Audrey's blog is always changing designs.  Always fun and funky.  Fresh and new.  I had the blah blogger layout and was just kinda proud that I had figured out how to put a picture in the masthead.  Audrey agreed to give my blog some lovin'.  And here's what we ended up with!

I love the colors, I love the silhouettes of my family.  Audrey took a sad story, and redeemed it, giving me a balloon to hold (a.k.a., Matthew).  Thanks, Audrey!  Love you, girl!