Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Recipe/Gluten Free Baking: Golden Sweet Cornbread

Ok, I'll start by being honest.

I have made this recipe a number of times before, but I discovered it after I started eating gluten-free.  Every time I made it, my family/friends had this reaction: mouths full, crumbs falling out "oh-my-goodness-this-cornbread-is-SOOO-good!" crumbs, crumbs, mmms, smiles.  I'd stand there wistfully, saying "thanks," wishing I could try a piece.

So, this version of the recipe is new to me. :)

I substituted the wheat flour with Bob's Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Flour.  (Some people don't love Bob's AP mix because it includes a lot of bean flour, but I am not bothered by the beans' taste.  In fact, I appreciate the additional protein/iron).  When I have made it gluten-full, I've used King Arthur White Wheat flour.

I added an additional egg.  I've read that adding an egg can be a good choice to help hold your baked goods together if you are trying to avoid xantham gum in your GF baking adventures, which I am.  And I used Arrowhead Mills Organic Yellow Cornmeal.  I'm new to baking in a GF manner, so I had no idea what I'd end up with.

What I ended up with was something my gluten-loving husband declared to be the best cornbread I'd ever made and the thing my 4-year-old woke up asking for for breakfast this morning.  I have to admit, it was really, really good.  I might try dropping the baking powder down to just 1 T. and substituting some of the sugar for honey/maple syrup/cane juice next time.  But it was yummy.  Sweet, moist, held together.  I felt accomplished in my experiment and it boosted my GF baking confidence, even though I was using a pre-mixed flour.  Baby steps and grace.  And delicious corn bread.

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