Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Music: Aradhna

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When I was in Holy Yoga instructor training, my sweet friend Dianne told me about a band called Aradhna.  They are westerners raised in Asia who sing primarily in Hindi, using traditional bhajan/kirtan styles, playing classical guitars, sitars, some killer drums I can't remember the names of--and their songs are about and dedicated to Jesus.  Really, really unique, right?  I was completely intrigued.

It's safe to say that Aradhna has become one of my favorite bands of all time.  Like, up there with U2 and Counting Crows.  I'm serious, people.  I love their is so worshipful and beautiful.  I use it for teaching Holy Yoga a lot.  Some of it is really soothing, other songs completely rock.  Even my kids love it.

This summer, J and I had the opportunity to see Aradhna live in Charlotte.  It was a tiny show, as in we were two of thirty people there.  It was simply amazing.  J had not listened to their music much.  After seeing the live show, he was an instant fan.  During the show's intermission, we got to chat with both Pete and Chris, the singers and pillars of the band.  They were so kind and humble.  While talking with Chris, he mentioned he saw me singing along and how unusual it is for them to see guests who knew the words--completely embarrassing since I know precisely one phrase in Hindi, but he was right--I was singing along to Aradhna!  We really hope they come back through Charlotte again soon.

We own Satsang. Amrit Vani, and Namaste Sate.  My top three favorite songs are: #1 Namaste Sate, #2 Narahari, and #3 Bhajo Naam.  Check them out.  Powerful, beautiful music.

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