Friday, September 16, 2011

Blogger Wannabe

A few weeks ago, my family spent a lovely week at the beach with several other families we really love.  Among this group of lovely people are my dear friends CSO, who blogs at My Convertible Life and JT, who blogs at Simplify Your Life.  Their blogs have purpose, they write on a consistent basis, they do catchy things like Ten in Ten on the Tenth and Friday's Five.  They have Facebook pages for their blogs.  They tweet their posts.  These women are the real deal--bonafide bloggers, for any of you O, Brother, Where Art Thou fans. :)

It got me thinking...what kind of blogger am I?  I write sporadically, about whatever is on my mind.  I go weeks and months at a time without posting, though I think about posting a lot--does that count for anything?    I think blogging can be a really neat window into someone's world and perspective.  I read several blogs--blogs of friends, blogs of strangers who happen to share similar interests, passions, or just make me laugh (have you read this one?).  I love what JT and CSO do with their blogs.  Writing is one of my hobbies and passions.  It ought to be easier for me to be a blogger.  But, as I've thought about it, a writer and a blogger are not necessarily one and the same.  I've decided I'm a blogger wannabe (--n.  informal a person who desires to be, or be like, someone or something else).  But, if I'm going to be a wannabe, I may as well set my sights high--CSO and JT are pretty fabulous people to want to be like.

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  1. To quote LOTR: "Aragon (Insert Sarah), be who you were born to be." I love your occasional blog posts and I love the diversity of your posts. I love that you are a writer - an amazing one at that. You inspire many with your posts, so keep them coming, however sporadically.