Saturday, July 23, 2011

Catching up on the List

I've been a little bit lax about keeping up with my documentation of my list.  While each of these items deserves its own separate post, it's going to get an abbreviated one here.

  • Take a Spiritual Retreat Weekend--This happened in March.  I went to Charleston and met up with four other lovely women who all teach Holy Yoga.  We talked, we laughed, we ate good food, drank good wine, we had an unbelievable 2.5 hour yoga jam session on the balcony of a mansion right on the marsh of the Atlantic Ocean as the sun set (wow!), we prayed, and we dreamed big dreams of what God might do through us and the ministry of Holy Yoga.  Amazing.
  • Make a caring meal for someone I don't know well--We have been going to a new church for almost a year.  At first it felt good to be anonymous.  But lately I've felt a little desperate to make connections with people.  One of the couples who teaches SJ's classroom was having a baby in May.  I practically begged her to let me bring them food just so I could get to know them a little better.  :)  They are really sweet people and I look forward to getting to know them more.
  • Eat fruit 2x a day for a month--I tackled this in June.  I gave you a mid-month update here.  I have to tell you, I was glad when July got here, and I've eaten very little fruit since!  I was hoping the exercise would drive me to eat more fruit regularly, not less.  I guess I am a veggie girl--the opposite of my sweet friend Polly, over at Yoga is Yummy...who has the opposite problem as me--loves fruits and not veggies!
  • Neighborhood Ladies' Night--I wrote about my issues with the neighborhood here.  I was all excited that I would have some more time in summer to go to these...and then the women who coordinate them decided to take the summer off!  :(  BUT, I did make it to the May soiree.  It was hard, but my friend MB went, too, so I had her as an anchor if I freaked out!  I ended up chatting with two other women whose sons have similar concerns as my D...speech and sensory issues.  It helped me to see that underneath a lot of the social masks that I perceive, these women are moms who love their babies as much as I do.  If that is the case, maybe there are other ways we are similar, too.  So, I'm off the hook until September, but then I'll try to go more often.  I'm even contemplating hosting one next year...oh, gracious, would I get extra points for that??

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