Monday, May 2, 2011

QT with Dad

In January 2008, after routine appendix surgery, my Dad miraculously survived a massive heart attack. And when I say "massive," that is putting it really lightly. It was the kind of heart attack the doctors call a "widow-maker." During his recovery, one doctor told him they weren't sure how to rehab him because "people just don't live through what you had."

Well, Jesus still does miracles, friends, and Dad lived. Since then, he & my stepmom and two sisters have moved to the Carolinas from Colorado and we've had a good time living life in the same time zone. For a long time, there was this sense of what a gift we'd been given of "more time." For a good while, we had a sense of what we'd almost lost. But, in the last several months, maybe a year, Dad has been so healthy that the past seemed like a distant dream. Rather than trying to squeeze every moment of possible time together, we've been leading our own lives and getting together for special occasions. You know, normal family stuff.

Last Friday morning, my phone rang. I saw it was my step-mom. I thought to myself..."It's so nice to be at a place where I'm not scared every time I see it is her calling." I cheerily answered the phone, thinking it was a call about a family birthday or getting the kids together. Instead, she told me she & Dad were at the ER and Dad was having cardiac symptoms. Fear shot through my body. "No," I thought. "We are done with this. He is so much better. He can't be having another episode. We haven't had enough time together, Jesus."

To make a long story short, Friday was a day of hurry up & wait. The doctors did a cardiac cath that revealed an 80% blockage in the same artery that caused the problem last time. The best assessment is that it was blocked with scar tissue. The good news is that they caught it in time. The bad news is I had lost touch with how precious every moment with my Dad is. We've been given such a gift, three times now, to enjoy more time with him. Thank you, Jesus.

Btw, Dad & I have enjoyed getting together for a monthly workshop on writing family memoirs called The Gift of Memoir through WordPlay. I'm looking forward to this month's class--and sitting there next to my Dad.

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  1. Girl, I loved this post. I have one of those dads that I am hoping to face to face thank Jesus for one of these days. I couldn't imagine life without him and we sat side by side tilling my raised bed garden today and picking out the grass. I appreciate your reminder to cherish those moments. I am glad you have the opportunity for more. Love to you and your dad!