Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Donate Hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths



A good while back, I decided I wanted to donate my hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program. The longer my hair grew, the more I decided I liked having long hair. So it took me a while before it got long enough to make me feel like I could give away the minimum 8" and still keep some hair for me. ;)

Last Saturday was the day. My stylist used to work in New York and her salon would do whole events for this charity. I'm lucky because she knew what she was doing and started out with a vision in mind for the end result. We were able to get a lot of hair to donate and keep my hair feeling like "me."

I'm getting used to the shorter 'do and it feels good to have completed this item from my list. Really, I just shared some of what God gave me. But I had to make that choice. And that doesn't make it that much different than all the times in life I either decide to share what I've been given or decide to not. I hope I'll choose generosity in other avenues as well.

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