Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Grinch

I live in the South, where snowstorms are a big deal. They don’t happen often (thankfully!), people don’t know how to drive in them, and the cities generally aren’t equipped to deal with snow in a timely fashion. So, I understand why they are a big deal.

In Charlotte, even the lightest dusting generally gets school canceled, offices closed, the sidewalks rolled up. :) When I first moved here from Colorado--where snow is a regular occurrence and we didn’t even bother to check if school was canceled until there was 3 feet of snow (seriously)--I couldn’t believe that such a fuss could be made out of a little snowstorm. I laughed...until I drove to the grocery store.

In that trip, I learned that a) people here really cannot drive in snow, and b) they panic and buy up all the milk, eggs, and bread, for fear they will be snowed in for a week. A week in which the only thing they will want to eat, apparently, is french toast.

Having lived here for 15 years now, I get it. Snow is a big deal. Kids of all ages enjoy the novelty of playing in it...and it is pretty.

But, I’m a snow grinch.

I hate the snow. Carolina’s temperate weather was one of the factors that drew me here. The thought of very little snow was appealing. People often say to me, “you must be used to this, growing up in Colorado.” Used to it, yes. Like it, no.

While all my Facebook friends and kiddos are overjoyed about a snow day, I find myself huffing and puffing, feeling about the snow like the green guy in Dr. Seuss’ story does about Christmas. I wish it weren’t here, I wish it would go away. But, in order to stuff it all into a bag with intent on stealing it like he does, I’d have to go out into it. And that’s not gonna happen. Like I said before, I hate snow.

So, snow bunnies, enjoy yourselves. I’ll be holed up inside, next to my fire place, watching my sweet monkeys romp around through the window, boiling water for cocoa for when they come in. And maybe, just maybe, enjoying that...just a tiny bit.


  1. I laughed about your french toast comment :) he he

  2. I'm with you on this one. Maybe one good snow every three years, but that's a gracious plenty for me.