Thursday, December 9, 2010

Indian Food + Girls' Night

My birthday was a couple weeks ago and I used it as an opportunity to continue my exploration into Indian Food and invited several of my favorite women friends to supper at Maharani. I was so touched by these girls joining me out for a really fun night.

I'm blessed with an amazing assortment of friends...
  • I got to know SS in our 2nd Saturday Book Club. She and I share a passion for thoughtful parenting, real food, and reading good books. I admire her intentionality and love that she is a native Southerner.
  • CB and I met several years ago in a small group at church. She and her husband lived with us for about a year and she's a delightful, deep thinker and has a quiet strength. She's also an excellent photographer.
  • DD and I have known each other a long time and our friendship has grown much deeper in the last couple years. We share a desire to change the world and I love her wit and sense of humor. She makes me laugh a lot. She's also a fabulous designer and my home is a lot prettier because of her influence.
  • AR is the person that I've known the longest in Charlotte. We met at work when we were both working for a non-profit agency that supports people with developmental disabilities. We share a passion for people with special needs and have lived through a lot of seasons of life together. She's a great nurturer.
  • KA and I met eight years ago on both of our first day at a new job. She is the most enthusiastic person I know and I love her zest for living. She's an amazing mom and has a deep passion for early childhood learning. She's a fantastic listener, too.
  • I got to know KD when our first children were babies in the same daycare--they now go to Kindergarten together. :) She is so smart (just finished her PhD!), manages her time like none other, and is one of the best cooks I've ever met. She is insightful and wise, but also so much fun.
  • EH and I met when I commissioned her husband to paint a painting for J's birthday. She is an amazing artist herself and has a sweet, sweet spirit. We share a love of yoga.
  • MS is a fabulous woman. We do book club and small group together and I love her honesty and reflective way of living. She's a fantastic gardener and inspires me to try to grown my own food. She has the warmest smile.
  • MB and I met when we were single 20-somethings who had just moved to Charlotte. For years, we met every Tuesday morning to pray together. We were bridesmaids in each others' weddings. Now our little girls are sweet, sweet friends. She and I are really different, but in an opposites attract kind of way. I love that we share so much history and the way that she encourages me to think outside my typical stream.
  • LM is great. We like to be crafty together. We also love to talk about healthy, yummy food and good books. She has a tender heart and my kids adore her. She's a microbiologist and teaches me stuff I kinda don't want to know about microbes. ;)
  • And, lastly, JT. JT is smart, kind, honest, real, patient, and generous. We met at work and gave birth to our first babies within 6 days of each other. We talk about everything under the sun. She listens to me, challenges me, encourages me. We love to talk about how we see God at work in our lives and our favorite TV show, Chuck. She inspires me to be a better wife, mother, friend and disciple.

The night was so much fun. I enjoyed the adventure of trying new food while sharing time with these incredible women. It was a very happy birthday, indeed.


  1. You left out SH-the reason for celebration-a strong leader, an endless source of truth, encouragement and wisdom, a fabulous holy yoga instructor, and a loving friend. We are truly blessed by your friendship.

  2. I second Melissa's thoughts and was actually thinking something along those lines after book club Saturday. You make us better by knowing you. Lastly, I had NO idea Chuck was a favorite show of yours. It is one of my husband's too and I just don't get it ;-)