Sunday, June 13, 2010

Visit Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens

When the kids are on break from preschool, we try to have a few field trips to keep us all sane. 'Cause I'll be real...we all miss preschool when it's not in session. :)

So, the other morning we set out toward Belmont to explore the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens. My kids are big nature lovers (crunchy like their Mama) so they were super excited. It was a really fun morning of exploring the plants and gardens and looking at the sculptures.

We ended our trip with lunch at the Cherubs Cafe in downtown Belmont. It is an old-fashioned diner run by Holy Angels, a charity that supports and houses people with developmental disabilities. The restaurant is staffed by adults with developmental disabilities and it was a really sweet experience. It made me miss the times in my life that I was privileged to work with folks like that. It warmed my heart to see people at work in a meaningful way and to be able to participate in that. And to share it with my kids.

Great field trip. One with lots of little gifts.

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