Sunday, June 27, 2010

Discover Indian Foods I Like

My dear hubby J loves Indian Food. For unknown reasons, I'm terrified of it. Perhaps it is because they simply don't have Indian food in the small mountain towns of Colorado where I grew up. Maybe it is because I like to understand what is in my food and it seems really hard to do that with Indian dishes. Anyway, I get overwhelmed whenever I'm asked to go eat Indian.

This past week we were in Michigan with J's entire family (2 parents, 3 siblings, 3 sibling spouses, 9 nephews/nieces, plus the 5 of us--in one house). That deserves it's own post...another day. One night, we went out to eat with his two brothers and sister-in-law. They all love Indian food. Again, it scares me. We had a nice waiter who listened to my list of requirements (vegetarian, gluten-free, not too spicy) and told me I was to order #42.

Vegetable Koorma.

YUM! There were a variety of veggies (green beans, cauliflower, carrots, peas, I don't know what else) in a creamy, mildly spicy curry sauce. I really liked it. And it made me feel a little more adventurous about trying some other Indian dishes. Too bad my helpful waiter is in Michigan. :)

Do you have a favorite vegetarian Indian dish? Do you have a favorite Indian restaurant in Charlotte (kind waitstaff preferred)?


  1. I've been to all of 1 Indian restaurant in college and hated it. Perhaps we should venture out and try a place in Charlotte?!?

  2. Malai Kofta, at Maharini in Charlotte. The Kofta are small "meatballs" that are composed of several different veggies. LOVE IT. Would also love to go with you guys sometime......

  3. perhaps we need to plan a girls' night out after baby sylvie is born so kristin can teach us the ways of the indian food lover. :)

  4. Most Indian dishes are simple, many are vegetarian, all are made from fresh ingredients and good for you-if you don't count the cream in the sauce or the 15 pieces of garlic naan that your tastebuds want to eat :c )

    I'll go eat Indian with you any time you like. My favorite dish is the paneer-homemaed cheese dish in creamy sauce. Copper on East Blvd is absolutely delish.

  5. There is a place on King's Drive that has a Sunday buffet which is pretty good. It is nice because you can try a little of many things, also they have rice pudding for dessert!

    I have also been to place off Albemarle that is all vegetarian. I went with my sister when she was doing the Daniel fast so we did not end up with a lot of variety (and no naan.)

  6. I would love a girl's night out with Indian! Before or after Sylvie, I am wide open :)