Thursday, May 27, 2010

Volunteer For A WFAE Fundraiser

On May 12th, I volunteered for the NPR Pledge Drive. I'm an avid (rabid?) NPR listener and regular donor, but I'd never gotten around to volunteering for the pledge drive. But this time, I signed up. It ended up being a fun time. There were two other volunteers, Brad & Rick, who I took for partners but were actually brothers. Oops, sorry, ya'll. I spent a good bit of time chatting with one of the reporters, Lisa Miller, who was really fun. She grew up in the town next to my husband, so we got to talk about that, Chicago, where we both went to college, and about fun stuff to do in Charlotte. She also recommended me to one of the producers to be interviewed for an on-air testimonial. Ha! So, a producer named Marshall Terry chatted me up in a sound booth about why I love NPR so much . So far, no evidence that it will actually make it to the air, but it was a lot of nerdy fun. Oh, and I did take a couple of pledges from the phones, too. ;)

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