Friday, May 7, 2010

Have a pleasant conversation with someone with different politcal views

So, this happened inadvertently at my small group a couple weeks ago. I have a great small group. It is full of people that I really like, respect & admire. And we laugh together--a lot. They are also a group of people who love God and have deep intention with their Christian faith. Over supper the other evening, we had a lengthy political discussion. It ranged from how the economic crisis was handled to gun control to welfare/services for the poor to the gold standard to individual liberties to international relations. My political slant was definitely in the minority (I'm kinda used to that. There aren't a lot of evangelical democrats), but I was listened to and treated respectfully (I'm not so used to that). I also heard their perspectives in a way that I was able to see where they were coming from. It made me ask myself some hard questions. I think sometimes it is easy to think you know where you stand on political issues. However, my conversations with my friends who I love helped me to stretch my opinions a bit, while remaining true to my convictions. And that is good.

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