Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Write a Will (#9)

It's something I've been putting off for, well, all my life. But, next Monday, I'm heading to Arizona for a week without my family, and it seemed like something that I really ought to do before I go. So, thanks to JT's advice shared via her sister who is in law school, I sat down to write my will. Evidently, the easiest way to do this in the state of NC is to handwrite the document. This worked for me--simple and free. It was actually emotionally easier to do than I thought it would be. I hesitated when I wrote the part asking to be cremated...I'm generally uneasy about the idea of cremation, however, I'm equally uneasy about the idea of being embalmed and taking up space in a cemetery. I think my uneasiness stems from a childhood idea that if I was cremated, when Jesus came back, I wouldn't have a body to be resurrected. Yet, I had to reckon with the fact that if I believe He created the whole universe, He's got it together to resurrect my ashes. The other sticky point for me was figuring out what we'd want with our assets if all five of us were to die at the same time or from the same accident. At any rate, the will is finished, at least the first draft. Whew.

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