Saturday, March 27, 2010

How this got started

JT is my sweetest friend in the world. She & I met 6 years ago when working together doing Early Intervention. We had our first babies within 6 days of each other, and our 2nd & 3rd babies within 4 months of each other. We love a lot of the same things, but we are also really different. JT is really good for me. She inspires me and encourages me to be a better person, wife, mother, and daughter of the Beloved.

So, a couple months ago, she started blogging with her sister & step-mom about completing 101 things in 1001 days. (Check out her blog here). She gently encouraged me that I ought to do it, too. After trying to collect a list for a while now, I'm ready.

Some of this list is serious. Some of it is just for fun. Some of it is stuff I would do anyway, even without a list. But a lot of it is stuff that I've wanted or intended to do, and this will give me a framework & structure to hold myself accountable. I'm not so good at being held to account for my plans. Hence the need to organize and use a lot of craft stuff. :)

The name of my blog here comes from a book called A Million Miles in A Thousand Years by Donald Miller. In it, he examines his own life & asks if he is living a story worth telling. I'm captured by that idea. I've been given an incredible gift in opportunity to live with impact, with joy, with meaning, with love. I think Miller's idea to take stock in whether or not we are engaging that, whether we are telling a good story with our lives, is really important. It's easy to get into the rut of monotony and not live with intention and purpose.

This isn't a Dead Poets Society, Carpe Diem, kind of rant, really. It's about reflecting about who I've been made to be and how I engage the larger Story I'm part of. Do I live the gift?

Stay tuned...